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Being passionate pays off


We talked about this book on Bookcasting Episode 9.

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Disclaimer: We received free review copies of this book from the author.

Review of Serena Star-Leonard's How to Retire in 12 Months

Serena took the plunge one day, and decided that the corporate world wasn't for her. When she had successfully organized a festival event with 8,000 visitors, she just knew she had the skills and the perseverance to start her own business.

She challenged herself to start a low-maintenance income business within 12 months. This book is partly a documentation of that effort. The result is a business that helps other small businesses establish a presence online, through consultancy, courses and webinars.

Serena's book has a personal presence that really adds to the flavor.

When I realized better parts of the book was going to be about how to set up blogging software and online marketing tools, if was a bit worried that I was going to be bored.

I was proved wrong. I learned plenty.

If you're seeking for advice on how to turn a passion into a successful blogging business, or just general inspiration from a very interesting story, then this book is for you!